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Wanderlust Whistler 2016 Highlights: Find Your True North, Find Yourself

Wanderlust was a transformational experience for me. I’m dropping a spotlight here on the very best bits. Frankly, the whole experience was an awesomely outstanding inspirational journey.

Wanderlust Highlights

My Yoga Heroes (Teachers)

  • Being able to meet and practice with the people you look up to doesn’t just happen — easily or often — Wanderlust makes this possible.
  • Kathryn Budig, Kia Miller, Shiva Rea, MC Yogi… I was able to practice with all my heroes.
  • I chose Whistler in good part because I wanted to learn from Kathryn Budig. Yes, I’m a crazy fan. I attended all her classes except 1 — migraine woes. Kathryn’s classes will make you giggle (a lot), swear (a little) and sigh with contentment (for hours after). And, I even got my copy of Aim True signed.
  • I have taken classes online with Kia Miller, but it was a totally different experience in person. Kia has this awesome glow, aura, vibe — difficult to put into words. Honoured to be in one of her classes.
YogaShelf Heroes: Teachers
Kia Miller – Radiant Body Yoga


Got Aim True Book Signed
Aim True by Kathryn Budig – Breakfast of Champions

Classes & Fear

  • If there is a class or activity that scares the crap out of you or makes you uncomfortable, sign up for it! You won’t regret it. Wanderlust offers the perfect setting to try new things as so many others are doing the same.
  • AIReal Yoga was way more ‘my thing’ than I expected. And, finally, I got upside down. Wish I had signed up for more classes. The woman behind AIReal Yoga, Carmen Curtis, makes the scary do-able. Brilliant experience.
  • Workshopping: some of my classes were workshops. Learned so very much. Felt like a soppy sponge sometimes, but loved it!
  • Festival Variety: AIReal Yoga, Workshops, Flows, Meditation, Outdoor Activities and more.
YogaShelf: Classes at Wanderlust
Classes at Wanderlust


  • I enjoy practicing yoga with music, but there is nothing quite like yoga with live music!
  • Many classes had live music.
  • MC Yogi & DJ Drez were spectacular.
Music & Yoga: YogaShelf Wanderlust Highlights
MC Yogi & DJ Drez Class – Music in Yoga

Location, Location, Location

  • Whistler did not disappoint, but rather, it exceeded all expectation. And, then add ten cherries on top of that and you have Whistler.
  • Wanderlust picks breathtaking and inspiring locations. They compliment the life transforming experience of the festival. I enjoyed wandering aimlessly around the Olympic Village, stopping to take pictures, check out a shop or listen to music.
YogaShelf Dinner View: Whistler
Location: Whistler Olympic Village, BC


  • Visit The Kula Market. There are many very knowledgeable vendors with interesting products. I was shopping for malas and crystals and learned so much from Shanti Collective and Rae Kai. They both suggested picking the pieces that drew you in first before learning the meaning behind the stones and beads. And, both patiently answered all my questions.
YogaShelf Mala Beads
Shanti Collective Mala


Deepened Practice

  • Yoga immersion – which is what you are getting if you choose to focus on those types of activities. Wanderlust will deepen your practice. I returned home with renewed drive to practice and try new things. Ready to put myself out there more.
  • Being around so many with similar goals and interests was invigorating. This was a feeling I had never encountered before.
YogaShelf Wanderlust Highlights - Shiva Rea
Yoga Immersion – Picture at the end of Shiva Rea’s Body Mudra Class


  • I came back a more authentic mindful me. My confidence and motivation are amped up still, weeks later. If you didn’t get the message yet: **Psst, go to Wanderlust!**
YogaShelf Wanderlust Highlights
Wanderlust: Find Yourself


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