Plank Challenge: YogaShelf Test Your Limits

Plank Challenge

UPDATE: Week has passed, my best time: 3 mins 2 seconds


Plank Challenge – but why?

Why am I doing a plank challenge? Definitely not because I want to beat this guy with his 8 hour Guinness World Record.

My reasons:

  • Need more specific, tangible goals in my life right now. I just celebrated another birthday and life reflections are at an all-time high for me.
  • To push my limits.
  • Increase my strength.
  • Improve my focus.
  • See just how mindful I can be while sweating it out in plank.


My Challenge Guidelines

I have no idea how long I can hold plank. I have never tried to hold it for an extended period of time. Yoga Journal had a DIY Plank Challenge recently and one of their participants made it 34 minutes. That seems slightly more possible than 8 hours, but I am trying not to have any expectations. No sense setting myself up for a pointless disappointment. Thanks to Ali Kamenova and her double chaturangas, my arms are strong, but plank pose will be engaging many muscles…


  • 1 week challenge
  • will post my best time next week


Ok let’s have some fun! How long can you hold plank?


4 thoughts to “Plank Challenge”

  1. 34 minutes sounds super intense! The longest I’ve ever done is 5 minutes, but I was at the gym and there was a 5 minute time cap and I got cut off. It’s a good thing, though. I really wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer!

    1. 5 minutes! That’s awesome. I found I could stay longer if distracted. Cat playing with a twist tie did the trick. — Thanks for stopping by Natasha 🙂

  2. Now I’m definitely intrigued! I’ve never tested my limits here, so I’ll have to time myself next time I’m in plank pose. I think the biggest challenge for me will be the mental part of it– my mind likes to scream when I need to stay focused! Thanks for inspiring me, Ellen!
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