Always Time for Yoga - YogaShelf Daily Practice Tips

Always time for Yoga

Practicing Yoga Daily There’s always time for yoga. A daily practice doesn’t have to be hard. If your schedule is too crowded to make it out to a class or you live somewhere where yoga teachers are few and far between — start a home practice. To turn yoga into a daily home practice, do […]

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It's Ok to Dream: YogaShelf Tips

Dream-Living: It’s ok to dream

If you don’t dream, how will you know what comes next?  Sure, you can go through the motions and scrape together some sort of existence distracting yourself with mediocre fun and unfulfilling work…but is that all there is? The Realization Dreaming Is Ok. Great Even. Once you come to the realization that dreaming isn’t a waste of your time — […]

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YogaShelf Book Review: The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching a Yoga Class

Book Review: The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching a Yoga Class

Anatomy of a Yoga Class The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching a Yoga Class By Patricia Mason & Carla Bazemore BookBaby (Paperback Edition, Nov. 19, 2015), 92 pages This book maps out the basic anatomy of a yoga class: 4 typical components: centering, warm-up, asanas, and relaxation lesson plans pose sequences physical class space music selection student […]

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YogaShelf Book Review: Yoga Girl

Book Review: Yoga Girl

Pretty Book with Substance Yoga Girl By Rachel Brathen Touchstone (March 24, 2015), 176 pages Ok, I won’t lie. I cringed when I first picked up this book. My initial reaction: “Oh, c’mon, there’s so much more to yoga. It’s not all about crazy poses!” I assumed Yoga Girl was a pretty picture book with no substance. Well, it […]

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