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Dream-Living: It’s ok to dream

If you don’t dream, how will you know what comes next? 

Sure, you can go through the motions and scrape together some sort of existence distracting yourself with mediocre fun and unfulfilling work…but is that all there is?

The Realization

Dreaming Is Ok. Great Even. Once you come to the realization that dreaming isn’t a waste of your time — life gets more interesting and well — brighter. Your long-lost friend Energy may even return from his extended vacation.  Unfortunately, it might take a mini-life crisis to start seeing the value of dreams.

So now what?

Take a more active approach to life. What do you have to lose except perhaps more empty time?

Look at your life. What part of the day do you dig the most? Grow it. Think of ways you can incorporate the elements of life that you currently enjoy into the rest of your life. Many activities are quite intricate with layers upon layers — all there for you to discover. Stop thinking and jump into it or take a hesitant but firm step in a forward moving direction — either will do.


Maybe nothing in your day is all that joyful right now. Sometimes that is the case because we push ourselves to do things we think we should be doing. All those coulds and shoulds lead to “I would make a change but…”

Sometimes we are just so down, tired or stagnant that we can’t actually see the joyful bits — they are covered in a goopy haze of responsibility and fear.

There is always a way to work through the haze. Set aside some money and time and take a course in anything that piques your interest. This doesn’t have to be some expensive or lengthy diploma program or degree, it can be a one-of course. If you are stuck on the what-interests-me-part, take a subject that you know nothing about or that seems like it might be useful in your life. Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised at the variety of courses out there.

Still back there in the haze? Ok, pick something you didn’t even know existed like Video Game Writing or How to Be A Human Lie Detector. Maybe you won’t become an expert in this new skill, but at least you’ll have something interesting to talk about with your friends, family, strangers you meet at the bus stop and something interesting to occupy your mind.

Benefits of Courses

Whether you love or hate the course, there are always benefits to going through the learning process:

  1. New perspective: an open mind will be more receptive to possibilities and future dreams.
  2. Comfort: the more you do something, the more comfortable it will feel — making future action easier.
  3. Meet Others: whether the course is online or in person, you will meet people with similar interests. The enthusiasm of others is infectious.
  4. Blindfold Off: one course might open your eyes to a different element of life, field of study, interest or dream.

Dream Living

Sure, you might not find that dream life…yet. This first step will show you the potential, that your dream does exist out there somewhere.

The next steps will take much more time and thought, but having direction, purpose, and a burning fire under your feet — these are all great motivators.

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