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Book Review: Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom

Freedom & Life Through Yoga

Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom
By Colleen Saidman Yee
with Susan K. Reed
Afterword by Rodney Yee
Atria Paperback (June 2, 2015), 272 pages

Yoga for Life reads like a great novel. I couldn’t put it down, just had to know what happened next. This book shares Colleen’s colourful journey through all the life shaping experiences that have allowed her to relate so well to her students. A teacher to the core, helping her students live their own stories and overcome past traumas is clearly important to Colleen. She has an ability to see through life’s messes and glimpse the truth in people. Colleen has been nicknamed the “First Lady of Yoga,” but that doesn’t capture her entire essence. How about The Yoga Whisperer?

Colleen Saidman Yee — The Yoga Whisperer

Similarly, this book is full of those life messes. It is an autobiography, but also a guide to a more peaceful existence. The layout makes sense on many levels. Each chapter represents a stage in Colleen’s life story as well as a stage in a yoga class: grounding, letting go, finding balance and final relaxation among others. Each chapter is followed by an in-depth yoga sequence perfectly paired to the chapter’s theme.

So, we follow along on Colleen’s adventures from dressing up as a nun on Halloween to international modelling to working for Mother Teresa (ok, that is very cool), to accomplished yoga teacher. Colleen’s search for meaning began externally — until she discovered that true meaning was inside. She found this meaning, inner peace and freedom by choosing yoga for life.

Reasons to put Yoga for Life on your bookshelf:

  1. Lovely pictures
  2. No fear no bull: There is complete and naked honesty here. Colleen cuts to the truth and shares all.
  3. Discussion of the 8 limbs: Yoga often gets strained down to the physical aspects, the asanas. This book keeps the focus on all 8 limbs.
  4. Yoga Sequences: A sequence similar to the very first yoga class Colleen ever taught, Practicing Truthfulness, is included along with 13 other sequences.
  5. Beautiful afterword by husband Rodney Yee
  6. Favourite Colleen quote: “Barbara, stop making your bed in the morning.” What Rodney calls the “perfect correction for the perfectionist.” These words speak strongly to me, a recovering bed-maker.

Yes, I am a recovering bed-maker.

Lasting Effects:

Some tell their life histories and they fail to capture their true story and lose the reader in the process. Colleen will catch you and keep you pinned down until the end. Yoga for Life demonstrates how yoga can help us through life, in life…for life.


A moving read, Yoga for Life digs deep. It contains 14 yoga sequences with visual and text descriptions. This book will benefit any yogi or those who enjoy reading biographies and memoirs.

YogaShelf Rating 5/5.

Get it:

Yoga for Life is available on Amazon, Scribd, Indigo, etc.

Small Talk:

Has yoga helped you through a tough time? Have you found your own freedom and truth through yoga?


    • Ellen

      The bed-maker — funny how certain words really hit home eh? Books & movies, it is hard to settle on one — because all the others keep jumping up and down, pick me! pick me! 🙂 And, I’ll start reading or watching…and still be thinking about the others. So many things trying to grab our attention.

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