Book Review: Sally Kempton's Meditation for the Love of It
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Book Review: Meditation for the Love of It

Sink into Meditation

Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
By Sally Kempton, Forward by: Elizabeth Gilbert
Sounds True (July 1, 2011), 365 pages

Meditation for the Love of It is a spiritual trove of information. This book is suited for both the newbie or the experienced meditator. Sally’s book will help you establish your new practice or deepen your existing practice. A well-known spiritual teacher, Sally has 40 years experience in meditation.

Reasons to put Meditation for the Love of It on your bookshelf:

  1. Trouble-shooting guide: I didn’t expect to find a trouble-shooter in this book. What an awesome idea. The guide discusses many issues. – How to not fall asleep while meditating. – How to sink in deeper. – How to combat the fear that may come up.
  2. Retreat: Sally lays out a 3-week program for those looking to dig into meditation quickly and deeply. There are prep questions. There are details on the techniques to use each week. Sally offers tips on how to prepare the rest of your daily life choices (food, sleep, relationships). These preparations will increase your focus and commitment to the program.
  3. Accessible: The language and explanations are clear and accessible. As such, this book makes meditation more accessible.
  4. Favourite line: “Obstacles are our teachers, and meditation is the perfect laboratory for learning from them.”
  5. The author: Sally Kempton is a teacher of the world specializing in integrating the classic yogic texts into her teachings and making meditation practical to everyday life. She has written a few books and many articles (check her out on Yoga Journal). She has also produced many meditation CDs. You can find online classes with Sally on YogaGlo. As well, she teaches workshops at conferences like Yoga Journal LIVE. It seems if there’s a platform to teach — Sally is there.

Lasting Effects:

Samskaric burn off, 360-degree awareness, guru yoga, empowered mantras… I am digging meditation. This book has opened my mind and given me tools to sink into my practice. With these tools, I am prepared to break-through my barriers. Meditating feels like cleaning or tidying up your head. A little housework for the mind.


Sally takes a potentially mind-numbing topic and bends it into a digestible shape. Meditation for the Love of It covers a lot of ground, but all theory and history is blended with her life experiences and her take on it. Each complicated concept is followed up with Sally’s simplified rendition. She has a remarkable ability to speak layman without watering down the content of her writing.

YogaShelf Rating 4.5/5.

Get it:

Meditation for the Love of It is available on Amazon, Scribd, Indigo, Sounds True, etc.

Small Talk:

Do you have a meditation practice? What’s in your spiritual toolbox? A couple of tools I have found useful:

  • Mala Collective has fairly regular, free meditation challenges. Each guided audio is about 10 minutes long.
  • Insight Timer: a handy phone app. You can set up different lengths of time, music, bells. Or listen to one of the 3796 free guided meditations.
  • Mala Necklaces: repeating mantras or affirmations while moving one bead to the next is a great meditation technique. Malas also absorb energy, I keep mine nearby during yoga as well.

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  • Michael Maharishi

    I find it easy to meditate when my life feels as if it is in order, but somehow at those times when I really need to do it most (when I am stressed and upset or anxious, it becomes more difficult to sustain that sense of calm. I love using my mala beads with my japa meditation. I’ve found the best quality and selection of malas on plus they have excellent customer service and great articles on the subject. Namaste!
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