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Hello! Here for a look behind YogaShelf?


My name is Ellen and I am an info-hungry yoga-loving girl living on a healthy diet of yoga & books. Join me in my pursuit of knowledge as I share book reviews here on YogaShelf.

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Balcony Meditation



Few more bits about me

Everyone has their own thing, that sparkle in their eye, that drives them, gets them up in the morning, pulls them through tough situations, keeps them on track or yanks them back on when they fall off. It’s the thing that gives their life more definition and purpose. My thing is yoga.

I have been practicing yoga for 6 years and meditation for 1 year. I started my meditation practice with a 30-day challenge on Mala Collective.

Travel. I love it, completely hooked. I am a conference-junkie:
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YogaShelf Mini
Mini – always ready to sit on a good book


Special wellness interests:

  • Yoga and meditation for mindfulness. The ability to live in the moment, fully. Releasing the past and giving less power to what has not yet happened.
  • Yoga and meditation for self-esteem, body image, depression. Allowing your mind and body to work together. Developing a feeling of wholeness, completeness. The idea that you are enough.
  • Yoga and meditation for migraines. I have been living with migraines 16 years and I do believe that yoga lessens the severity of my migraines.





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