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My name is Ellen and I am an info-hungry yoga-loving girl living on a healthy diet of yoga & books. Join me in my pursuit of knowledge as I share book reviews, conference highlights, and my bead obsession here on YogaShelf.

Few more bits about me…

★ Yoga ★

Everyone has their own thing, that sparkle in their eye, that drives them, gets them up in the morning, pulls them through tough situations, keeps them on track or yanks them back on when they fall off. It’s the thing that gives their life more definition and purpose. My thing is yoga.

★ Travel ★

I love it. The best part is I can combine my love for yoga and travel by attending various yoga conferences around Canada and the U.S. You can glimpse my inner conference-junkie here:
Wanderlust Whistler 2016 Highlights
Yoga Journal LIVE Estes Park 2016 Recap
Toronto Yoga Conference 2017 Highlights

★ Meditation ★

I started dabbling with meditation after my first yoga conference. I got a zafu (meditation cushion) and played around with techniques I read about. I tried the Headspace App and joined a Mala Collective 30-day meditation challenge. And, finally, the marbles (or beads in my case) rolled into place after reading the Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche and attending a meditation class with his student Coby Kozlowski.

★ I Am Inspired ★

I made my first set mala necklace for meditation at a yoga conference — dark wood beads on orange thread. I left that workshop inspired: this is what I want to do. I returned home and worked on my technique — learning how to hand-knot, make tassels from scratch, and chose colour and crystal combinations. The inspiration for my mala necklaces and bracelets came heavily from nature — sky, animals, plants, seasons, the elements. All the things that open my mind, catch my breath, and remind me to live in the moment. Each piece would start out as beads and thread, but slowly build into a creature of sorts with its very own essence and energy. Malas are excellent for use in meditation and yoga practices or as something beautiful and meaningful to wear, to keep as a reminder, carry as a talisman or gift to a loved one. This mala-obsession led to the opening of my Etsy Shop Malasana Beads to share my Meditation beads & gemstone jewelry with no boundaries. After this hobby lost its sparkle (became a second job), I sold off my jewelry, closed my shop and turned my focus to new adventures and more travel!

★ Capture The Moment ★

If you’re looking for some inspiration or just enjoy pretty pictures ~ be sure to visit me and my mala creatures on Instagram @malasanabeads where I capture-the-moment, find my flow and take a breath.

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