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Always time for Yoga

Practicing Yoga Daily

There’s always time for yoga. A daily practice doesn’t have to be hard. If your schedule is too crowded to make it out to a class or you live somewhere where yoga teachers are few and far between — start a home practice.

To turn yoga into a daily home practice, do a little preparation to head off any potential excuses you might use. Don’t let the days sneak by you — yoga-less.

YogaShelf’s Tips to Keep a Daily Home Yoga Practice:

  1. Physical Space

    • If you don’t have a lot of extra space to dedicate to your practice, pick a corner of a room and keep your yoga mat and props there, ready to unroll.
    • Choose a spot that gets a decent amount of natural light. Morning yoga with a bit of sun streaming through the window — it’s a lovely thing.
    • If possible, pick an area that won’t require you to play musical sofas each time you are ready to practice. You don’t want to be moving furniture at 5 am.
    • If you are practicing with DVDs, online videos or subscription services, have a surface handy to set up your laptop or other device.
  2. Time of Day

    • Often it is easiest to fit yoga into the morning before your day starts, before you’ve loaded your stomach up or gotten the chance to talk yourself back into bed. If you wait until later in the day, you’ll be tired and less motivated. Willpower starts to suffer after a long day out in the world.
    • Morning is also an ideal time to practice because your mind hasn’t been stuffed with new information, thoughts, feelings — everything that you soak up over the course of a day.
  3. Set out Your Clothes

    • If you set out clothes the night before, this will be one more item off the to-do list when you wake up.
    • The clothes become a visual reminder — this is why I am getting up now.
    • Wear something that makes you feel good, not like a slouchy potato. Treat yourself to some yoga wear like these awesome Society6 pants.
  4. Online Yoga

    • Practice your own sequence, use a DVD or pick an online yoga provider. The benefit of online yoga is the variety of classes available and many are free or relatively inexpensive.
  5. Notice the Yoga After Effects


    • clear away the mind gunk.
    • sweat out those toxins.
    • improve your digestion.
    • have more energy for what comes next.
    • be filled with a sense of accomplishment.
    • learn to be mindful.

Morning or Multi-Task

An easy way to make sure yoga takes a spot in your day is with a morning practice. If that’s not do-able, try multi-tasking at work and home: a twist or eagle arms at your desk, tree pose with your toothbrush, a little breath work on the commute. There’s always time for yoga.

And, if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out these great books!

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